they’re listening

On-purpose radio stations by RFC Media are amplifiers for brand imaging and activation.

digital radio is exploding

It’s how hard-to-reach young adults get their music and entertainment. With 80% of adults under 35 streaming regularly, and 2/3 of those via mobile device, the pipeline is already there to deepen relationships and build community among like-minded individuals who share a common interest. Advertising alone doesn’t do any of that.

be the media… don’t just rent space on it

RFC Media is the leading developer and publisher of custom produced, content-rich, digital radio stations for brands, events and ideas. We lend flair to your brand story and wrap it around your music signature, whether you already have one or not. You get a new on-ramp into the social dialog for brand linking and activation. You become the content, not just the advertiser. You make a dent, not just an impression. And yes, we can go LIVE from your event.

let’s make some noise together in the marketplace of ideas

what is your brand’s music signature?

Let’s find out. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the air.

Pat Fant
Houston, Texas – 832-485-0490