Your own private-labeled radio station

No, this is not a play list on Pandora.

What a branded radio station will do for you

Having your own streaming radio channel makes a big statement, and puts your brand into an elite category. It activates a fresh new on-ramp into the social dialogue enabling you to connect, inform, promote and deepen your relationships – all with entertainment. It is always on and always fresh, pointing listeners to your other marketing efforts, while your other efforts point back to your live stream, increasing time spent with your brand. There is nothing like it!

The brick & mortar advantage

If you have physical business locations, you’ve likely just been accepting old school in-store audio programming that can’t travel outside the building. Well you can forget all that! In-store audio that follows you home is the next evolution, and is something that can only be done with a private-labeled streaming station. When your branded radio channel is played in your business locations, you engage that audience so they’re tuned in to catch your next marketing initiative. Then, they can take it with them when they leave on their mobile device. Ordinary in-store music and messaging can’t touch this!

A new profit center

Your brand’s streaming station can be a new profit center when you allow your sponsors and partners to participate. Ask us to show you the best ways to incorporate sponsors.


A custom 24/7 radio channel with your brand imaging and non-dated content breaks presented by a professional radio host.


Our superior white glove service.

All the benefits of a Premium Station plus expert support and daily programming updates.
A custom, fully-hosted, virtually live radio channel, managed and updated daily.

Program Production

  • Custom Curation of Music
  • Music Filtered for Explicit Lyrics
  • Radio Personality Hosted
  • Unique Branded Voice + Music Clips
  • Scheduled Program Updates
  • Client Supplied Insertions (15 min lead time)

License & Delivery

  • 75,000 Included listening hours per month
  • Web Streaming License Included
  • Business Site Licenses Available
  • Amazon Alexa Skill Enabled


  • Live broadcast – Ask for Quote





How it gets done

Getting it all done. That’s the easy part…for you. We do all the work – you just call the shots.  We handle everything with our award-winning creative team that brings these channels to life around-the-clock. First, we design your perfect music signature that matches your brand’s vibe and expectations.  You’ll have the perfect music balance for continuous 24-hour customer engagement. Then our accomplished on-air hosts drop in your branding and special features that communicate your marketing department’s ever-changing priorities. It’s structured radio for business, and it’s all we do at RFC Media.


It’s our favorite thing to do. We love broadcasting live from your major events! Concerts, competitions, live on site interviews – you name it. Your branded station is a marketing amplifier. There’s no better way to extend your influence, generate interest and grow your base! It’s brand building at its best. Ask us what it takes to go live.


Let your own branded radio experience make an impact with your target audience.

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