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Donna has been an “influencer” since before social media existed.  Her “must listen” voice has graced National Advertising Campaigns for everything from Neiman Marcus and Mercedes to concert tour commercials for artists from Sting to Megadeth.  She’s chatted with and interviewed hundreds of music artists, from Snow Patrol to Willie Nelson.  Donna is passionate about music, writing, cuisine, and animal rights, and her successful on-air radio career earned her a spot in the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame.



Josh Holstead, known to millions of radio listeners as “Rowdy Yates,” has led a brilliant and award-winning broadcast career, including being the youngest inductee ever to the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame at 38.  But more important to him than his multiple “Personality Of The Year” awards, is his passion for communicating, and for connecting with people.  His larger-than-life personality makes him an incredible influencer.  “Rowdy” also loves to cook, travel, and rescue dogs.  Don’t ask him about “Pepper” and “Clyde“ unless you’ve got some time on your hands!


Steve can be difficult to describe because his accomplishments, as a music programmer and radio personality, are so impressive that it is almost surprising that he makes everyone he talks to feel like they’re his best friend. A successful morning personality on radio, Steve can interview celebrities and music stars and put them instantly at ease with his wit and enthusiasm. A music junkie with broadcast awards and acclaim, Steve cuts through the noise and still manages to feel like he’s your next door neighbor. Not that annoying neighbor, but the other one that you actually like!


Pam may have forged an accomplished career in radio, but she is anything but a DJ. Her superpower is being able to speak to a large group while making you feel Ike she’s talking only to you. Witty, a little silly, and a little sassy, Pam knows how to tell it like it is and make you smile the whole time. She is passionate about family, dogs, music, and life, and is plugged in to pop culture of the past, present, and future.


Let’s just put it on the table. Maria Todd is one of the funniest people to ever speak into a microphone. And it’s not a comedy routine. She’s just a keen observer of life, love, and celebrity. With pop culture firmly in her grasp and celebrities on speed dial, Maria’s radio career has taken her to San Fransisco, Houston, Dallas, and now to RFC Media, where her abilities as an influencer are unmatched. We’re not worthy.


Adam is an influencer who radiates authenticity. He majored in biomedical electronics, studies history and philosophy, and yet is the most down-to-earth person you will ever meet. He is knowledgeable and speaks passionately about a variety of subjects, from yoga, meditation, and a plant-based whole food diet, to the arts, spirituality, video games, and sports. Anyone who hears him speak knows that Adam is the real deal.


“Your old buddy Outlaw Dave” is a Texas radio legend who has done it all. He’s an army veteran, a Hall-Of-Fame music and lifestyle talk show host, and has been syndicated by ABC into over 50 different markets as a personality. He transitioned from being a “normal DJ” to an award-winning personality early in his career by mastering the art of making every listener feel like a close friend. In addition to music, Dave’s passions include motorcycles, beer, and extensive charity work. He hosts one of the largest escorted motorcycle rides in Texas to benefit needy children and animals, and works closely with the Texas Association of First Responders, as well as a number of other charities. A friend is the best influencer of all, and every one of his listeners feels it. Outlaw Dave is their friend.



Keegan is the “Swiss Army Knife” of influencers. With more than 20 years in the broadcast biz, he’s done everything from chatting up Leonard Nimoy, JJ Watt and John Legend, to working as a body double for John Cena during Wrestlemania 25. He’s a fixture in the Texas Music Scene, and pretty handy with both graphic design and audio and video engineering and production. Versatile and authentic, Keegan‘s friendly delivery and vibe tells listeners “I’ve got this.”


Immersed in the music scene since before graduating high school, Ian is a multi-instrumentalist who is a veteran of a number of influential bands, and is proficient on guitar, bass, and even the ukulele. His passion for cigars, spirits, and craft beer landed him a position as co-host of the popular radio show and podcast, “Smokin’ And Toastin’.” As an influencer, Ian is as authentic as it gets.



Pat Fant’s legendary broadcast career includes playing the first record ever on one of the most legendary radio stations of all time, and successfully managing multi-million dollar radio properties. But what’s most interesting has been his innovation behind the mic, including the creation of the on-air persona of Uncle Otis. You know the guy who’s not afraid to say the things that everyone else is already thinking? The one who finds a way to make it funny while he’s telling you what you think is nonsense but it turns out to be true? That’s Uncle Otis. A very specialized influencer that is unequaled in the right situation.


Experience on-air in markets like Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, and Washington DC are on his resume, but Cruze is most proud of leaving that behind to co-found RFC Media and develop the concept of Brandcasting. His music show Radio Free Cruze was one of the first music podcasts ever created, and his communication skills have set the standard for RFC’s influencers. Passionate and knowledgeable about music, spirits and beer, writing, and entertainment, Cruze guides the staff of audio influencers and specializes in skillfully adapting to our ever-changing media environment.


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